Provincial Aerospace

Provincial Aerospace is a world leader in Maritime Surveillance, working with governments and militaries around the world. Uniquely positioned in the market place as a full-service aerospace and defence company, Provincial Aerospace leads the way with innovative mission system designs and integration, aircraft modifications, surveillance operations, logistics and in-service support. Having flown maritime surveillance aircrafts for over 35 years for government, military, and industry clientele, the company has evolved into a world leader in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) operations and systems.


SubC Imaging

When SubC Imaging was looking for INvestment to research, develop and manufacture underwater imaging systems... we signed on in a flash.

Chad Collett is no stranger to being underwater. A former diver and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) pilot, Chad spent a lot of time using underwater camera equipment that didn't quite impress. Starting out in his basement, along with friend Adam Rowe, SubC was born, and so was a game changing venture for the industry. Creating innovative and reliable solutions for complex problems that arise in the professional underwater market, SubC's high-resolution underwater cameras and interfacing are unlike anything in the market. So much so, they are now considered technical leaders in the underwater camera market worldwide. The business has since expanded to accommodate manufacturing, assembly, and research and development. Over the past two years, SubC has successfully established contacts and generated sales throughout the world, with clients in industries like offshore oil and gas, ocean observatories, aerospace and defence, deep sea mining, hydrographic surveying, and ROV manufacturers. SubC Imaging currently has seven full-time employees, and is proud to contribute to the economic development of the province's eastern region.