Cardiac Gene

Best Boy Entertainment

When Best Boy Entertainment was looking for investment to produce educational games for preschoolers, with a business plan we could not turn down, we signed on.

As a vertically integrated film, television, and interactive media company, Best Boy produces everything from docu-drama television, to children's television programs and educational games. The company is already looking to expand to meet the demands of their world marketplace, having sold its work in 15 countries. Their first gaming venture, a children's educational game called Zorbit's Math Adventure has just launched in English speaking countries around the world.

Cardiac Gene
MUN Steps

Dynamic Air Shelters

When Dynamic needed investment to build their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in rural Newfoundland and Labrador, we said, We're IN.

Dynamic Air Shelters is a privately-owned manufacturer of rapidly deploying, blast resistant, temporary shelters. The company's factory on the Burin Peninsula serves the needs of various military and relief agencies, as well as organizations that require temporary housing and shelters throughout the world. Each unit can be deployed within a matter of hours, and can stay up as long as deemed necessary by the client. Certain models are even certified to withstand category 3 hurricane force winds and very high snow loads. Their ballistic resistant geotextile paneled wall system can be configured with the shelters or purchased independently. It includes a portable support system that can provide both side-on and overhead protection.